Wednesday, August 26, 2015

WIP: Borders

The QF First Saturday BOM series that ended in July generated 12 main blocks and 24 alternate blocks. Their suggested layout results in a ginormous quilt, 105".  I have a different plan.

I'll use the main block, Maple Leaf Star, with sashing & borders for one sofa-size quilt.  I'll use the alternate blocks, giant Shaded Four Patch, for another. These will end up as gifts. So, 2 quilts from one year's worth of BOMs.

I shopped for border fabric earlier this week. Yes, my stash report will have to take a hit, but sometimes you have to buy fabric to finish UFOs, and these purchases will be used right away.

First up, the alternate blocks* and their borders. I'm using 20 of the blocks and the finished quilt will be 63" x 75". Here are the blocks on the wall with the border fabrics. The outer border print is used in two of the blocks.
1st Sat. Alternate Blocks with Border Fabrics

A closer view of the border fabrics:
Border Fabrics

Since there are only 12 of the main blocks and the piecing is busier, I'll need to add sashing. This is the layout I'm planning, which will finish at 60" x 75" :
Planned Layout for 1st Sat. Main Blocks

Here are the blocks with the sashing & border fabrics on the wall. Keep in mind the sashing will be pieced so it won't look as heavy as this solid gold. With all that white going on in the blocks, I knew I needed a border print with some light tones in it, or the borders would look way too heavy. I think I found the perfect option.
Blocks with Sashing & Border Fabrics

And a close-up of the sashing & border fabrics. I see mitered corners in my future. The color is a bit flat in this photo; it's actually much more golden, less beige.
Sashing & Border Fabrics

Next up, cutting, prepping, and organizing these to work on in September.

Linking up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced and Let's Bee Social at Sew Fresh Quilts.

*For local friends who might recognize these QF blocks, you'll notice that I left some out and added a couple using my own fabrics.


  1. I love the maple leaf quilt its going to look awesome when you are done!

  2. Great batting choices. I think two-for-one is great!

  3. The border prints you have selected really pull each group of blocks together very well! I think it's pretty awesome a BOM will get you 2 great sized finished, and gifts to boot.

  4. These quilts will be lovely with the border prints you found and so fun to work on at this time of year. I don't know how the weather is by you right now, but we're having unseasonably cool weather (50's to 60"s) and it's really got me in the mood for fall.

  5. 105" is indeed a ginormous quilt! I like how you split the pattern. It will make two very pretty, nicely sized quilts!