Thursday, August 6, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Loop in Motion

I'm participating in "Throwback Thursday" over at Quarter Inch From the Edge. It's a chance to show off something I created before my blogging days.
Loop in Motion, 60" x 60", 2006

Loop in Motion was created as part of a CSQ guild challenge to celebrate the centennial anniversary of University City, Missouri, in 2006. U-City has a hip, vibrant neighborhood called the Loop that has an annual festival called Loop in Motion.

Yes, that's all one continuous undulating loop of color!

This quilt is all pieced, not appliqued. It's made of 6" blocks, each with one or two quarter-circle arcs, all hand pieced by members of CSQ Piecing Group. The colorful fabric is all one commercial batik print, fussy cut and laid out so the colors flow into one another.  60" square, machine quilted by me.

What did you make before your blogging days?


  1. I can tell that a lot of care went into preparation and placement of the color in the loop! When I saw the quilt, I was really drawn to how the colors flowed, so the fussy cutting was definitely worth the effort.

  2. Wow! That's a stunner! The batiks really pop against the black. And I, like Yvonne, can't even imagine how much time and effort it took to get all those blocks to blend so smoothly! Thanks so much for linking up with Throwback Thursday!

  3. My mouth is hanging on the ground! All pieced...seriously! Its Jenn and Yvonne...I'm in awe with the preciseness of this! Beautiful!

  4. This is wonderful, Jan. For this to be fussy cut and handpieced, makes this so incredible. I think I have blogged about most of my preblogging made quilts in my own throw back style posts. One quilt that I made 20 years ago for my cousin's new baby girl is still owned and loved by the recipient. I met up with her last year and she told me that growing up she did not know who I was but she knew she loved me because of the beautiful quilt I made her. I thought that was the sweetest thing. I hope to get a photo of it.

  5. I love this quilt! The design and flow of colors are incredible! I keep staring at it trying to figure out how it was pieced.
    The best part is that I remember seeing this quilt at the show you mentioned. I just looked back through my photos and there it was. It was a beauty back then, and I love seeing it again.