Monday, August 3, 2015

Flying Geese Progress at Quilt Camp

I had so much fun at quilt camp. Thank, you, Chrissy, for inviting me!

You may remember that I had packed up my KBFG project (Kaffe & Batik Flying Geese) to work on at camp. 390 flying geese units, previously laid out on the design wall, all organized and stacked up for assembly at camp.
KBFG organized and packed

I got them sewn into long strips: 13 strips of 30 geese each. This will finish at 78" by 90" before quilting.
My workstation at "quilt camp"

It took hours and hours. It became boring after awhile, but camp is the perfect setting to work on something like this. I'm here to sew, which puts me in Energizer Bunny mode: just keep going and going and sewing.
In work at camp

Eventually all the strips were completed and laid out on the floor in the hall. Once last chance to check print placement to make sure the same print wasn't too close to itself. Whew, no ripping and moving geese needed.
Geese sewn into strips

Ah, very satisfying progress! I just love all these fabrics together. Such a riot of color and pattern, within a somewhat controlled palette.
Kaffe and Batik fabrics

By the time it was time to pack up to leave, I had seven of the strips joined together. That's a lot of seams to match and points to be careful of!  Here they are laid out on a flannel-backed tablecloth, which I could roll up to take home. Five more long seams to finish at home, and I'll have a completed flimsy.
Ah, progress achieved!

I hope to get back to them this week, but I have a deadline project due Saturday that I just found out about at camp, so I don't know whether I'll get this KBFG flimsy finished this week or not.

About that deadline project: Due to some scheduling issues and special events, STLMQG isn't going to have regular meetings in September and October. Therefore my bee won't be able to meet those months. Since several of us in the bee including the leader were at retreat, we decided that the people who were to hand out in September (Chrissy) and October (me) should hand out in August, this Saturday, and everyone will have until November to get their blocks done. Some members have prior months to catch up on, too, so November will be a big reunion & block reveal month.

So, I have to get my project together to hand out Saturday. Fortunately I have a plan and it's partially started. I just have to write and post a tutorial. We'll be making Dancing Plus blocks. I'll post the tutorial on this blog later this week so I can include a link to it in the instructions.
Dancing Plus blocks
So that's what's on my plate for this week. What are you working on? Check out the inspiring projects at Patchwork Times.


  1. Your flying geese look fabulous! I've been watching these transform over several weeks and they really are worth all of your work. STUNNING! And, what a cute little block that dancing plus block. I'll need to try a few myself. What size blocks are they? Fun read this morning. (PS I too go to retreats/quilt camp to get things done... and love the socialization time too.)

  2. Wow, you made great progress on the flying geese; they look great! And good luck getting your tutorial ready in time; I think you are close based on your previous discussion about your idea. I took a sewing break this weekend and am ready to get back to my sewing machine later today, hopefully!

  3. LOVE your geese! Way to go getting it almost together.

  4. I love the batiks with the Kaffe prints and to make all this flying geese makes for an awesome combo. If it needs a home, you have my address. We spent a four day weekend working on our house, so I hope to catch up on my sewing and quilting this week. I am cutting down my scraps for your plus quilt tutorial. I have decided to try out FQS's tutorial for the Single Wedding Ring quilt block. I have a set of peachy pink and soft blue florals fat quarters that have vintage feel to them. They should since they have been in my stash since the late 90's or 2000. Pair them with cream should make a fun retro quilt.
    I also need to start sewing my tiny HSTs for the baby WoW-E quilt. I am going to make up kit baskets of these projects then I can sew between painting projects. I look forward to seeing your new tutorial this week.

  5. This quilt is a stunner!! Absolutely LOVE this!!

  6. Wow! That's a lot of flying geese!

  7. Looking fabulous! Love the mix of fabrics. Proud you got so much accomplished at retreat.

  8. As usual, you are a master at organizing! It was a fun weekend and we are lucky to have such a good friend in Chrissy.

  9. I love those flying geese. I am really loving everything geesey these days.

  10. Love the geese. The rocking crosses are a close second, too. You do good work!