Friday, July 1, 2016

Gracie's Growing Wardrobe

One of my ongoing projects is the making of doll clothes for my great-niece's Christmas gift. You may remember, I scored a doll in beautiful condition at a thrift store earlier this year, and I'm making one outfit or accessory set a month 'til Christmas.

My friend Jeanne is such an enabler. She used to make doll clothes for her granddaughters so she understands my obsession. She loaned me all her doll clothes patterns and gave me some interlock fabrics. More than I can ever use. But so fun!

I had a bit of denim left over from I don't know what, so I decided this month's wardrobe additions would be tee shirts and jeans. 

So, another monthly goal met and progress made toward Christmas gift giving. Whoo Hoo!
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  1. Oh my goodness! There is going to be one very happy little girl on Christmas morning!

  2. Cute outfits! My one GD would rather build something with Lincoln Logs so I never had the pleasure (or frustration) of making doll clothes.

  3. Wow!! Did you make the purse too? The skirt is really cute and love the jeans & t-shirts. Your niece is one lucky gal ;) So nice of Jeanne to enable ;-)

  4. I read so many blogs that I can't remember who is doing what, but I always get excited when I catch a glimpse of that doll! Then I think, "Oh, the doll clothes lady has updated her blog!" The tiny jeans skirt is just Too. Cute. For. Words.

    I hope when you finally give your great-niece the doll that you can share some photos of her reaction!

  5. Very fun doll essentials. This is going to be such a great gift. My sister made a whole set of Barbie doll clothes for one of our younger cousins many, many years ago. Mom was telling us last night that this cousin's little girl now has all those little dresses and just loves them. So it's not just fun stuff, they can become very fun heirlooms.