Monday, July 29, 2019


Since I revised the border plan for my red Dresdens and Checkerboards project, I've been making more checkerboard blocks. The original border was three squares wide, but to bring it up to seven squares wide, consistent with the interior blocks, I'm making a bunch of 16-patch blocks. Here's the EQ rendering of the revised plan:

More strip sets:

More checkerboards in work:

And more of them pinned to my wall:

I'm making blocks in batches of four, one block for each border, with a few extra twosies and spare parts so I can adjust the length or the print placement as needed. For the short sides I need border strips that are 43 patches long. Then I'll count how many I need for the long sides. That'll be a lot of two inch patches! I much prefer using strip sets (strata) rather than individual cut pieces.

Maybe before too much longer I can have a finished top.

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  1. Might be a bit tedious making all those 16-patches but it's going to be stunning!