Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The Coral Floral Saga Continues

When I left off, I was frustrated and disappointed with how dull and dreary my supposedly cheerful coral and floral project was looking. Part of the problem is indoor photography on a dark rainy day, but even sunshine wouldn't perk this up very much.

I decided to take out the green and add some cream.

Okay, better.

What to do with those green blocks? Maybe a second quilt, since there's enough of the floral.

I don't like that big X shape in the middle. What if I add a center green block?

Meh, just a big nine patch and the floral is all chopped up. What about the positive version of the Four Corners block instead of all negative versions? *

Much better. I like the way the corners of the cream blocks come together and I like the shape of the background fabric in the center.

Same layout using the coral blocks:

Okay, two tops. I have enough backing for both of them. They'll go to Operation Shower. Maybe for a mom expecting twins.

Problem solved and I can continue moving forward with this project.

* Positive and negative Four Corners blocks: The positive block starts with a center square of background framed by the focal color, which ends up in the corners on the finished block. The negative versions starts with a colored square framed by the background fabric, which ends up in the outer corners of the block. In the photo below, the negative version is on the left and the positive version is on the right.


  1. Good solution - I prefer the layout with the green blocks because the center reads less as a square.

  2. It's good to move forward toward a finish. Glad you had enough fabric to add more and play with the layouts. BTW, after winning your book, I cut out and have the block mama sewn. It's an inbetween type of project right now that I will use for a donation quilt when done so no hurry;)

  3. That worked out quite nicely! A great example of how versatile these blocks are, and how the placement of color/negative blocks can make such a big difference :)