Monday, July 22, 2019

Quilting the Coral Floral Tops

One down, the other to go.

For this one, I used a new-to-me batting, Warm and Plush, a prize for participating in Hands 2 Help. (Thanks, Sarah and sponsor!) It's about twice as thick as regular 80/20 batting. With my flannel backing, the quilting really shows up nicely. I am a little concerned about shrinkage, though, so I'll measure the quilt before and after washing and see how much it shrinks up. (All of the fabrics were pre-washed.) With plush batting and a flannel backing, this will be a very cozy quilt.

The flannel backing was a gift from a friend who knows I'm making baby quilts for our guild's charity. I learned something about using flannel for backing here: it shrinks a lot! The flimsy measured 40-1/2".  Before washing, the flannel was about 44".  After washing it was just wide enough to avoid the selvages as I pin-basted. I mean just barely wide enough, like a scant half inch on each side. Note to self: make narrower baby quilts to use with flannel backing. 

The sister top is next up, but I'm Frankenbatting together some pieces of my usual batting for it. I hope to get the second coral floral quilt quilted this week. I'll have the same scant backing issue with the second one, but I know I can make it work. 

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  1. I had always heard flannel shrinks quite a bit. The quilting really does show up beautifully.