Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Log Cabin Block

The skill/theme for this month in the STLMQG Color Wheel Spoke BOM is the Log Cabin block. You know, I don't think I've ever actually made a log cabin block. If I have, it must have been a very long time ago.

My color is yellow green, so I pulled out the project box and sorted through the scraps to see what I could use. I only ended up having to cut one strip from yardage; everything else was cut from scraps. My block will finish at 9".

Okay, so now I've made a log cabin block. It's surprisingly slow going. I don't have any interest at this point in making an entire log cabin quilt, but I know many quilters love them.

Each month in addition to the assigned block, I make some small filler blocks. These served as leaders and enders as I was piecing the log cabin. These little blocks will finish at 3".

They say the skills each month will become more challenging. It'll be interesting to see what they come up with for four or five more months.
July - Log Cabin

June - Flying Geese 12"

June - Flying Geese 6"

May - Paper Piecing

April - HSTs

March - Plus

February - Triangles

January - Nine Patch

Then the real challenge will be putting it all together into a cohesive quilt top. I'm planning to use a puzzle layout a la Gypsy Wife. My main blocks are mostly 12"; the paper pieced pineapple blocks are 6" and the log cabin is 9". The filler blocks (some not shown) are mostly 3" and 6" finished. It'll either turn out okay, or it'll be a horrible mish-mash, we'll see.

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  1. I agree, making one log cabin block at a time is slow going. If you chain piece 10 or 20 of them at a time, it goes much faster. I just love selecting the next log and pinning them in place so if my quilt needs 56 blocks, I chain piece all 56 of them! There are just so many patterns you can do with log cabin blocks, both by rotating the blocks, by color placement, by varying log sizes....Just. So. Many. Options :)

  2. Love your colors. And yep - chain pieceing on log cabins in the way to go. Don't laugh -but we were talking about the shag carpets of the 70-80s and that green reminds me of them ;-) My son and I like those carpets!!

  3. Your greens are wonderful! Very pretty blocks, can't wait to see how you will mix them. Triangles is stunning, great use of values

  4. I cannot believe you haven't made a log cabin block before!! I love the color you choose for all of your blocks and especially love the little filler blocks! It will be interesting and fun when you get to put it all together!

  5. I also love the green you chose for your blocks and the background fabric. Yes Log Cabin blocks are time consuming.

  6. I agree that log cabin blocks take a long time, but the design possibilities are endless. Of course, you can accomplish much the same with HSTs! Yours looks great (of course).

  7. Wow finally I know someone else who isn't all that fond of LC block!! Years ago I made a couple for a donation quilt that someone else was making. I didn't enjoy it a bit and have strayed away from them since. Partly because they are slower to make. Yours sure is pretty though, and I like looking at LC quilts;)

  8. I think January's block looks much harder with all those HSTs! But log cabins are hard to keep square for me, so maybe that's the skill for July :)