Friday, July 26, 2019

Two Coral Floral Finishes

The Coral Floral baby quilts are done. They turned out kind of meh, but they have cozy flannel backing so I'm sure someone will enjoy using them.

The coral floral fabric is pretty in person but turns into khaki mush when viewed from a distance.

I hadn't planned to make two quilts, but without the cream, the muddy effect was even worse. So I added the cream blocks and ended up with two tops. Thank goodness (actually, thanks Cherie) I had enough fabric and backing for both.

Both quilts have flannel backing, but they have different batting.

The one with the green binding (left) is Warm and Plush which is about twice as thick as my usual 80/20 batting, used in the one with the coral striped binding. The plush one came out about 1/4" smaller overall after quilting. I used the same loose meander quilting on both of them. I haven't washed them yet; it'll be interesting to see how the shrinkage compares.

Depending on the shrinkage and the texture after washing, I'll decide whether both of these quilts will go to Operation Shower or not. If they remain similar they can both go to the same place, maybe for a mom expecting twins. If they're noticeably different, I'll send one to Project Linus and one to Operation Shower so no one is ever aware of the difference.

Linking up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict. Not sure these are whoop-worthy, but at least they're finished and someone can get some use out of them.


  1. Congratulations for resolving the dilemmas and producing two finished quilts! Interesting the differences in batting.

  2. I'll bet they are both so cuddly with the flannel backing! The pretty floral fabric will be seen up close most often, as a new mom holds a sweet baby in her arms, wrapped in your quilt :)

  3. I think they look pretty and bet that up close they are gorgeous.