Saturday, January 1, 2022

2021 Recap and 2022 Annual Goals

I usually publish a monthly goals post, but I also want to look at the annual goals I set for 2021 and see how they went, and set goals for 2022. I knew when I wrote the goals last year that 2021 would be out of the ordinary because of my big move from St Louis to the Phoenix area, and life would be full with moving and settling in activities. Now that I've been here nearly a year, let's see how it went. 

The biggest achievement, and the accomplishment I'm most proud of, is finishing HOW MANY, which was affectionately known as the WIGSP (Work In Glacially Slow Progress) for many years. 


2021 Goals Recap

1. Move to new home in AZ and get settled in.     Yes, enjoying AZ very much! 

2. Join quilt guild at Pebble Creek.     Yes, joined immediately after we got here in January and was recruited in March to be part of the Charity committee. 

3. Blog on average at least once a week; some weeks will involve travel so there may be stretches without any blog posts.     Yes, still mostly keeping up a twice-a-week schedule, with a few breaks.

4. Bind and finish the WIGSP, now known as HOW MANY.     DONE!!!!😀

5. Quilt, bind and finish Color Spoke. If possible, enter it into STLMQG's show in July.     Finished and sleeve attached in June. STLMQG quilt show was cancelled due to Covid in 2021. 

Color Spoke Challenge

6. Start a new long-term or complicated project or BOM.     Yes, Started Coral Snake quilt in June. Also remade Star Spangled Spiral and LCT QOV between June and November.

LCT QOV Remake

Star Spangled Spiral Remake (flimsy)

7. Continue making donation quilts as opportunities with PC Quilters become available.     Yes, working with the Charity committee every month on their projects including quilts, fidget mats, Zippy Strippy bags, and dog beds. Also making simple donation quilts to piece at social sewing.

Boy Donation Quilt, first quilt finished in AZ, donated to PCQ

Strippy HSTs, donation quilts for PCQ

8. If possible, enter Corona Medallion into CSQ's show in October (will require shipping it). If WIGSP is eligible, enter that too.     No, CSQ's show has been postponed until 2022. Corona Medallion was included in PCQ's window display of Dresden Plate quilts in March. 

Because of the move and uncertainty about Covid and the potential availability of vaccines, I kept my 2021 goals easy. Joining PCQ so soon after I arrived, getting vaccinated at the earliest opportunity, and participating in sew days, etc. as soon as Covid restrictions loosened up helped me meet people and become involved. I feel very fortunate that I've met so many welcoming and encouraging quilters here!

I finished several other projects not shown above, so here are pics of them:

Hands2Help, donated locally

Art Deco inspired baby quilt for great niece

Kool Kaleidoscope

Striped KK, donated to PCQ

Patio Pillows

Pink Striped KK

I'm having fun now that I've settled into a routine here, so let's look at the goals and plans for 2022. More of the same, please!

1. Participate in PCQ's "No Shame Train" UFO encouragement group and finish as many WIPS and UFOs as possible.

2. Continue participating in PCQ Charity Committee. 

3. Participate in Hands2Help.

4. Continue piecing simple donation quilts for PCQ.

5. Continue using the club's long arm to improve my quilting skills. 

6. Go to Ritter Ranch retreat in July

7. Plan/create/develop a new long term complicated project to work on, possibly a feathered star medallion or mariner's compass medallion or something paper pieced.

8. If possible enter Color Spoke Challenge into STLMQG show (July) and Corona Medallion and HOW MANY into CSQ's show (Oct.).

9. Continue blogging at least once a week. 

That ought to keep me busy and involved! And still allow time for fun outings, excursions, and trips. I'm looking forward to a great 2022 - Covid permitting. 

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and safe 2022!


  1. They're all so pretty! I love the Art Deco one for your niece. I miss quilt shows and I'm sorry yours were canceled. Stupid virus. Congratulations on a really productive year and best wishes for 2022!

  2. Congratulations on a fabulously quilty 2021, Jan!! You did a great job with working your goal list. Best of luck for a successful 2022!

  3. what a wonderful recap of the year. That's a great way to see your progress and accomplishments. Good goals for this year too. Your patio pillows look so good on the chairs and that cactus! So different from anything I'm used to seeing! Finally at the moment we have snow to water the trees, and frigid temps to go with.

  4. I have been so happy to watch you transition to your new home and how you've made new friends and found your new guild. Congratulations on all fronts. May 2022 bring you more contentedness and joy.