Friday, January 14, 2022


 This grouping of fabrics was from Carla's first box. Inspired by the large burgundy floral print, I pulled these fabrics together to make a top for the hospice the PC Quilters support. 

I thought they'd work for a Tumbler quilt using the club's 6" tumbler die. There were not enough light colors here so I raided the club's stash for a few more, and added a dusty blue and a geometric print from my own stash. 

It took a morning at social sewing a few weeks ago to cut all the tumblers. Here they are on the wall, but I see some problems with the layout that have to be fixed. One of the fabrics, the golden brown, just doesn't play nicely with the others, too yellow. And obviously some of the fabrics need to be moved around. 

A week later we - because at social sewing it's great to have everyone's input - got the fabrics rearranged and I got the rows sewn. Then last week I finished sewing the rows together into a flimsy. 

A close up of some of the fabrics: 

Yes, these are old fashioned colors but I'm sure someone in hospice and their family will appreciate it. 

The backing will be pieced from the rest of the burgundy print plus another floral, and the binding will be the stripe. Perfect! I'll piece the back, prep the binding, and cut batting the next time I go to social sewing, then I'll leave it in the "To Be Quilted" for someone else to long arm. It would be at least another month before I could get to it on the long arm machine, and there are lots of people who want the long arm practice. 

So, another community quilt. Thanks Carla and everyone else who donated fabrics. Thanks, girls, for all the help with the layout. And thanks in advance to whoever quilts it.

Link up:  Alycia Quilts


  1. your fabric choices are terrific! I like tumbler quilts

  2. The blue addition is truly inspired. You have a great eye.

  3. Those florals are gorgeous - I am certain the tumbler quilt will be very much appreciated and admired by whoever receives it.

  4. Nothing wrong with old fashion colors, not everyone loves all the brights:)

  5. I just finished making a quilt top with the 6" tumbler die, too, but using novelty Christmas prints alternated with solid red fabric. I felt "meh" about it when it was finished. Looking at yours, I am thinking that I really prefer a scrappy mix of reproduction prints with a tumbler quilt. Very pretty!

  6. Those are the perfect fabrics for tumblers! Well, everything looks good as tumblers imo!

  7. what a fun time you had making this one.
    I think all the fabrics looks great together!