Monday, January 17, 2022

Design Wall Monday: Blue Strips

Another project inspired by Carla's first box...  Remember these pieces? They're leftovers from her Tumbling Blocks quilt. So pretty, but not enough here for a whole quilt. 

I found some prints in my stash that harmonize nicely and cut more of the same shape. The plan is to sew all the parallelogram shapes into rows. Some of the pieces were not full size, so there's variety within the rows. 

Now the rows are on my design wall: 

With a little adjustment I can get all the rows to a consistent length of 52" after the slanted ends are trimmed off, so that will be the width of the quilt. The rows will be 3" wide finished, and I'll add solid dark blue strips between them to make the quilt about 62" long. Prepping the dark blue strips and joining the rows together will be my next project for social sewing. 

A print backing for it in a harmonious shade of blue also came from Carla's donation, the one at the lower left below:

This will be another donation quilt for PCQ. A win all the way around! Carla got to destash some unwanted things; I'm designing and playing with them and have a project I can do at social sewing; the club gets another donation quilt; and eventually a recipient gets a quilt that I hope gives them a quilty hug.

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  1. looks like you are having fun blending your stash with Carla's!

  2. Lots of gorgeous blues. How fun that you've been able to use up those scraps and a few of your own.