Friday, May 13, 2022

Snake Quilt Flimsy

 The coral and pink Snake quilt that I've been working on for nearly a year is now a finished flimsy! I finished sewing the rows together at social sewing earlier this week. Whoo Hoo! 

The girls at social sewing named it: Candyland. It does look like the game, doesn't it?!!!

The flimsy is 60 x 80", too big to hang vertically on my wall, so it's horizontal for photos. It doesn't make any difference, the coral trails still snake their way around the top. 

Pardon the wrinkles - it was folded and stuffed in the bag I carry to social sewing and I should have pressed it again before I took pics. 

The arcs are paper pieced. The background shapes are cut from templates. With some careful squaring up of the blocks, the seams came together and the snake trail matched up pretty well.

I have a plan for quilting it, and I have a pretty peachy coral print for the backing. When I get the backing pieced and can get time on the club's long arm, I'll baste it all together. Then on my domestic machine I'll quilt in the ditch around all the arcs, and diagonal lines in the background behind the snake trails. There's so much movement in this design that it definitely needs straight line quilting to balance all these curves. 

So, a finished flimsy, a long time in work. I first posted about it on June 13 last year, so it's been 11 months in progress. 

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  1. Candyland is the perfect name for a fun, whimsical and well executed quilt.

  2. Awesome quilt top!!! Looking forward to your quilting plans!

  3. It came together beautifully; it's clear you were very careful with your trimming and took your time as you joined all those arcs together. It sounds like you have a great quilting plan. And what a great use of the longarm to help you baste!

  4. That is an amazing design. I love the name your friends gave it!

  5. This is awesome!

  6. This is amazing! One ticket to Candyland, please, it’s gorgeous.