Monday, May 23, 2022


 At social sewing last week I was able to get all the blocks made for Steppers. 

Steppers is a pattern designed by Alycia of Alycia Quilts, tutorial here. It's an easy rail fence variation.

I put the blocks up on my design wall so I could label them for assembly this week at social sewing.

I mark the rows and columns so I can stack up the blocks and easily assemble them in the right order.

All kitted up and ready to go. The parts for the side and bottom borders are also cut and packed, but I'm not likely to get to them at social sewing this week.

This will be a donation quilt for the local social services agency. The black and white prints were gifted by QuiltDivaJulie and the teal is from PCQ's stash. There's enough of the teal for the backing and binding, too. 

While most of the agency's clients are girls and young women, there is the occasional need for a boy quilt. This one with the bright teal is gender neutral. The flimsy will finish at 48 x 66" .


  1. Love your version of Steppers. Someday I hope to make one. Finishing is taking priority these days.... or attempts to finish.... Have a productive week.

  2. This looks SO good!!! (quiltdivajulie)

  3. I love the teal with the black and white. A really lovely quilt.

  4. I love the big pop of teal in this!! Reminds me I have a lot of black and white's in the stash;)

  5. Love the B&W with the teal!!!!! So pretty!